Shadows Dark and Deep

3 males/4 females  

Teenaged Malcolm meets Bianca in the nursing home where he is a reluctant volunteer. After a rocky start, a relationship develops between the pair as Bianca shares stories from her past, and Malcolm divulges the details of a family dispute. Meanwhile, Malcolm's mother Audra struggles to hold on to the ideals of the Black Panther Party to which she once belonged, while her marriage to a fellow member falls apart. 

The Heart is Hollow

1 male/1 female 

Roxanne tries online dating after moving to Hawai`i in 2004. She begins communicating with Logan, an infantry soldier serving in Afghanistan. The pair develop an intense online relationship despite the fact that they are in different geographical locations. 

Catch The Spider

2 males/2 females

Callie, a writer researching a novel about the women of the Irish Republican Army,  has been in love with Julian since they were kids.  Since she can't have him, Callie settles into a relationship with lovelorn Aiden.  When her friend takes up  with Julian, Callie is forced to address the ambivalence  she feels towards Aiden.  Past, present, and Celtic myth intertwine as Callie examines the ways in which memory informs behavior. 

Hook, Line, & Sinker

3 males/3 females

It's 1951 and Hadacol is all the rage. The wildly popular elixir is promoted as a remedy for everything from asthma to impotence to gout.  Part-carnival, part-burlesque show, The Hadacol Caravan Medicine Show has come to the small Louisiana town that Charlotte and her son Henry call home. Behind the scenes, dancers Sadie and Oliver try to blend in and forget the botched plan that led them to join the Caravan. In the present day, Felicia comes to terms with her new diagnosis while Sebastian, her ex-husband, encourages her to pursue alternative treatment.