Ten Minute Plays




1 man/1 woman

Nate, a recently transplanted kidney, tries to convince Kate to work together



1 man/1 woman

Luke tries out his new pick-up moves on Vicky

Have Your Cake

2 men/1 woman

Lily finds herself in bed with her two roommates

Night Crawlers

1 man/1 woman

Sasha and Pete talk to the bartender about worms and other things

Conjugal Visit

1 man/1 woman

Tess visits her husband Sam in prison. It doesn't go as planned

Jack is Registered at Target

1 man

Jack compiles his divorce registry wish list


1 man/1 woman/1 unspecified

Charlie and Jane's spa day goes awry




Design Thinking

1 man/2 women/2 unspecified


Tensions run high at an employee workshop



1 woman

A chance encounter with an old friend is not what it seems

Sweat it Out

3 unspecified

Things get heated in the sauna

Everyone Pees in the Pool

2 women

Violet and Shay talk microbes and myths, poolside





3 unspecified


Funnel Cake, Corn Dog, and Lemonade land in the stomach of an Iowa state fairgoer



3 men/6 women

A medical brigade arrives in a small Central American village and is surprised by what it encounters